Four thousand miles and four songs

As two song writers who live over 4,000 miles apart (Ashley in Kentucky and myself in Liverpool) – it can sometimes be difficult to write songs together. Despite the advantages of email, Skype and the intahwebs and general, there is no substitute  to practising and recording together.

Playing guitar on Baby Taylor
Ashley practising on the Baby Taylor

So I was most grateful to Ashley for making the journey, enduring customs, an overly zealous drunk plane passenger and the sleepless no-man’s land that is international travel. We managed to record four news songs which we plan to release and upload soon. I need to produce and master the tracks now, but am glad to be working on some new material.

Ride on Mersey Ferry
Actually on the Mersey Ferry. Although you prob wouldn’t know it – you’ll have to imagine the Liver Buildings (they are there somewhere!)

We did take a break to do some touristy things in Liverpool, (living here all the time, you forget how many amazing things there are here to do.) So we had a ride on the Mersey Ferry, enjoyed the parks and enjoyed many copious dinners out. Ashley felt particularly at home at Buffalo Jacks.

We will upload the new songs soon, the first one being ‘Fatally Wounded.’

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